Friday, April 16, 2010

Povukayano Released.. Let's see more Dreamzzz now!

Today is again a very special day for us. Our second music video, "Povukayano.." got released today.The song is from our debut album 'Dreamzzz...'. Our first video of the song "Ravin Nilakayalil" was released on 5th January, 2009.The song is now everywhere from Tv channels to Mobile ringtones, Hellotunes and even in public buses. We are really happy for that. We thank all our supporters for making it such a big success. The new song is a friendship song, showing the friendship of three childhood friends, which in a particular situation breaks and the friends split. The lyrics says " Are you going my friend..are you going far away..". The Music and Lyrics of the song is by us YUVA. The song has been beautifully rendered by the ever melodious Vidhu Pratap. We hope that our fans will like the song as "Ravin" and will make it also a big Hit. We keep our fingers crossed.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

YUVA is Born

YUVA.... We are the new music band of Kerala. We are here with the self-proclaimed aim of recreating the magic of good melodies with meaningful lyrics. YUVA consists of three. Vineeth Mohandas, Santhosh Kumar & Sinu Geevarghese.Together we have now come up with our debut album Dreamzzz... The song Ravin Nilakayalil... from the album which was released on 5th January 2009 has become an instant Hit! The Magic of YUVA has started to make Waves. This blog is for all our fans - all those who Love good melodies.